Acclaimed poet, Elizabeth Bishop, class of 1934

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Ok, so that was unfair.  Writing ‘free’ anywhere in a subject heading gets attention–and books aren’t really free.  After all, we pay taxes and a percentage goes to libraries and universities.  Basically, we have what we have because of you–which means these really are yours for the taking.

Which brings us to the real issue:  we have tried and tried to tell our friends and family, some UMA students, others not, about all the wonderful services that Katz library offers.  In fact, that all the libraries in Maine offer.  Some of the cool stuff we talk about:

Maine InfoNet Download Library  Users can download thousands of ebooks, audio books, and more FOR FREE from this website.  Note: you’ll have to download the software before being able to actually get content, but it takes less than five minutes on most machines.  Isn’t it worth five minutes?

“Leisure reading”: these are books chosen by us,  here in the library, for their ‘popular’ appeal.  Some recent titles:

Then there’s the music . . . while Pandora is great, so is being able to listen, ad-free, to an album in its entirety.  As you all know, UMA has a renowned Jazz program.  For you Jazz aficionados, our collection of vinyl and CD’s is invaluable.

We hope you take advantage of all the free ‘stuff’ offered by the library nearest you–we are here to save you money!