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Help the Nottage Library on the UMA-Bangor campus celebrate National Poetry Month throughout April by creating your very own book spine poetry.

What is Book Spine Poetry you ask?

Bookspine poetry by Rebecca Whitten

Bookspine poetry by Rebecca Whitten

To make a book spine poem, you arrange a stack of books so that the titles create a poem.  Each title of a book becomes a line in the poem.

Browse the library’s shelves or your own book collection for interesting titles that seem to fit together and write them down.  Make a decision on 3-5 books, pull the books off the shelf and arrange them in a stack from top to bottom (or side to side). Please don’t reshelf the books, we will do it for you!

Take a picture of your book stack and send it to andrea.thorne@maine.edu by April 8th.  If you are using library books, we can take the picture for you!

Your poem(s) can be enlightening, whimsical, haiku, serious, macabre, or whatever you want!  BE CREATIVE!!!! We will be posting photos on our bulletin boards in the Nottage Library for everyone to see!

FMI: Call Andrea at 262-7900 or by email.