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Summer Reading ChallengeRemember participating in summer reading challenges when you were a kid? The Katz Library is extending a summer reading challenge for grown-up kids this summer. At least one of our staff members will be participating in this challenge as well. Unlike the challenges of our youth, there will be no pizza parties or gold stars at the end; just a sense of completion. There’s no rule saying you can’t throw yourself a pizza party though! This just gives us an excuse to escape into a good read or experience a genre that is different from our usual preference. Sometimes having a goal to work towards is all the push we need. To get you started, below are some ideas on what type of books to read. As always, we have the resources you need to help you find the right book:

URSUS catalog

MaineCat catalog

Download Library – audiobooks & eBooks

Read a Classic
Read about wild animals
Read about a city far away
Read about bugs
Read a biography
Read a magazine
Read a book that makes you laugh
Read an eBook
Read a book about space
Read a book about friendship
Read a book about your country
Read a graphic novel
Read a book about food
Read a book about women’s health
Read a book about men’s health
Read a book about social justice
Read a book about the environment
Read a book about Happiness
Listen to an audiobook

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Happy Reading!