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This Fall semester we’ve had lots of students asking us about recent library space changes. Here’s a quick photo-tour of your options:

Circulation desk


The Circulation desk is the heart of the library! It’s where you can check out library materials and find Library staff who can assist you with your research questions. Sometimes Library staff will help answer your question right at the Circulation desk, and sometimes we will assist you at a computer in the library.

1st floor group study allowed (conversation-level noise), 2 student computers, 2 public (guest) computers, photocopier


Conversation-level noise is okay in the 1st floor and 2nd floor computer areas. Groups may find the new 1st floor furniture convenient to use for group study. Library staff or IT staff may assist students in these spaces with questions. If these spaces are too noisy, please check out a pair of headphones at the Circulation Desk. We do ask that you take cell phone conversations out of the library whenever possible, but the bottom line is: unless you are shouting, Library staff will not “shush” you in these areas!

2nd floor computer area (quiet conversation permitted), primary printer/copier, scanner, password reset station, & Writing Center in Room 206


The computer area on the 2nd floor of the library is generally quieter than the 1st floor, but Library staff and the IT student assistant may occasionally assist students with questions when they are working at these computers. If the 2nd floor computer area is too noisy, you may try checking out a pair of headphones at the Circulation Desk. Need to print and all the 2nd floor computers are taken? Check out a laptop at the Circulation Desk.

The Writing Center is now located in Room 206 in the library! Check out Writing Center hours or schedule an appointment: http://www.uma.edu/writingtutor.html


2nd floor quiet study area (silent, please!: no talking, no whispering, no cell phones)


The Quiet Study Area is for silent work, and your classmates take it seriously! If you are disturbed by noise in the Quiet Study Area, please let a Library Staff member know and we will explain the expectations and provide an alternative study location if necessary. Need to work in the Quiet Study Area but don’t have your own computer? Check out a laptop at the Circulation Desk.

This is visual tour of the library spaces, and not a comprehensive list of our resources. If you have questions about our spaces or services, please visit our website: http://www.uma.edu/libraries.html, call the Katz Library at 207.621.3349 (toll-free at 1.877.862.1234 extension 3349), or check in with us at the Circulation Desk!