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RAP_white_280x280Lectures are held at 12 Noon and “provides a forum for the presentation of creative work, theoretical considerations, research findings, innovations in teaching, and projects in community engagement.  Ensuing discussion promotes collaboration through the exchange of ideas and the development of relationships across colleges, programs, departments and disciplines”

The first lecture will be Wednesday, September 23rd at 12 Noon here in the Katz Library. The topic is Housing Discrimination in Maine: Audit Studies and the Importance of Social Research to Social Justice.pinetreelegalassistance-300x183 Jill Hunter, Esq. of Pine Tree Legal Assistance will present results of fair housing audits in the state of Maine.  This research method is a variety of field experiments that help determine whether and where discrimination on the basis of color, race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, having children, or getting public aid occurs for Mainers who are trying to find a  place to live.  The role of social science research in identifying and rectifying social problems, and the opportunity to become a fair housing tester, will be discussed.

Other topics in this series include:

Thursday, October 15th at the University College at Rockland – Online Education in the year 2030: A Look Forward

Wednesday, October 21st here at the Katz Library – Assessing Information Literacy: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Tuesday, October 27th at the University College at Rockland – How Many People Are You? Shaping Your Day for Success

Monday, November 16th here at the Katz Library – High and Low: Steel Sheds, Steel Towers and the Rise of Modernism

Thursday, December 3rd at the University College at Rockland – High School Aspirations at University College

For more information please check out: http://www.uma.edu/academics/research/research-pedagogy/