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Introducing the Bennett D. Katz Library 2016 Reading Challenge!

Print your list from here or stop in to pick one up!

If you are on Facebook go to Bennett D. Katz Library 2016 Reading Challenge and select “going” to get all the up to date information, read and post book reviews, and more

And don’t forget about our monthly book discussion groups, prize drawings, and the final Lunch and Learn event!  More details on these events coming soon

reading challenge 2016p2  We also have books for each month on display to save you from having to do some of the leg work!  Because we got a bit of a late start, for January your choices are a graphic novel or a book with 100 pages or less.  IMG_1033IMG_1039








Pick from these or find your own, but don’t forget to submit a brief book review which may be put on display and will be submitted into the monthly drawing!  Drawings will happen at the monthly book discussion group beginning Thursday, February 25 at noon!

NEW! So that those who can’t make it to the Book Group in person can still participate we have added links to join via Google Hangout!  March 31st will be our first try at this and all you will need to do is go to the correct month’s link below on the day of the book group at noon and you will get to join us virtually! Don’t forget to submit your reviews on Facebook to be entered into the monthly drawing!

If you would like Closed Captioning please notify us at least 72 hours before the book group